Packing/unpacking services

SwiftWay Moving always handles your valuables with extreme care and caution. We know that some of your personal objects cannot be replaced, and for this reason, our employees are moving experts. The SwiftWay's insurance policy covers all highly valuable objects during the packing process.


Packing goods well is the key to a successful move. In order to diminish the risks of any damage, while in movement, all of your goods are securely packed with quilted pads. We insure top protections for your antiquities, expensive furniture, art works, fragile objects, etc.

Packing services

We offer partial or complete packing and identification services for all of your good. To benefit from this service, you have to reserve in advance. Depending on availability, packing is done one or two days prior to the move, where each box is carefully identified.

Unpacking services

Your goods are unpacked and arranged according to your needs.