Long distance moving

There is a lot to take into consideration when undertaking a long distance move and the entire cost is one of the most decisive thing. Although the price may be decisive factor, it is also imperative that the moving company has a wide experience and offer excellent prices to their customers.

Well, you just found the right company to suit all your moving needs, from A to Z.


Long distance rates and commercial fees are primarily based on the weight of the items and the total distance of the move. The weight of your items is measured on a scale. We provide discounts for a single home that can completely fill a truck. The truck is weighed before the items are loaded and this is called "empty weight". The scales are usually located at truck stops. You are allowed to accompany the driver to the scale and make sure everything is done properly. We propose that the driver provides a receipt for the empty and full weights.

To avoid the additional cost of your move, we suggest you become familiar with the surroundings of your new community, and know whether the sector can adapt to an 18-wheeler truck. The moving company should also know in advance if there is an elevator on the premises, and, if stairs only, how many floors.